Radiographs Required

Please try to provide all of the following x-rays:

  • spine AP and lateral
  • thorax AP
  • hand AP (preferably left hand)
  • knees AP and lateral
  • hips AP

If possible, select x-rays that were taken before puberty. If x-rays are missing, please have them taken. If you have clinical photographs of the patient, the ESDN would also like to see those, especially if the patient is dysmorphic. X-rays are best digitized by hanging them to a backlit screen and taking photos with a digital camera. Other images, such as photographs, pedigree drawings etc., can be scanned using a scanner. All images should be in JPEG Image file format and of a reasonable size (if possible not bigger than 1024x768 pixels). If you have problems digitizing images, please contact the ESDN Clinical Radiographic Review Facilitators.